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News - TV/Film Placement:  "(One Day) Closer To You" by Simon Kirke appears in Behind The Music Remastered - Bad Company on VH1

News - Film Placement:  "A Night Like This" appears 3 times in the film "Dark Horse" with Christopher Walken , Mia Farrow, and Selma Blair among others

News - Film Placement:  "A Christmas To Remember (Remembering Christmas)" appears in the motion picture "The Perfect Holiday" with Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard. Also starring Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut and Katt Williams.

News - TV/Film Placement:  "A Christmas Kiss" appears in the ABC Movie Of The Week "A Christmas Bounty" with Francia Raisa.

News - 3 Cuts:  Swedish artist Linda Lundqvist has recorded 3 songs: "Today's The Day", "Everyday Romance" and "You Were There" which appear on her top selling album "A Piece Of Me". The single "Today's The Day" has so far played on 25,000+ radio stations.

News - Cut: The first single on "Filling The Void" by legendary artist Simon Kirke (Bad Company) is a song called "(One Day) Closer To You" written by myself, Simon, and hit writer Alex Forbes

News - Cut: "A Christmas To Remember" has been cut by Ali Woodson (TheTemptations) and legendary Keyboardist Jeff Lorber

News - Cut: "Save Me A Place" has been cut by Aubree Bullock

News - Cut: "All Fired Up" has been cut by Big-B

News - Film Placement: "Insatiable (Magnetic)" is featured in And The Winner Is ... with Jerry Springer

News - Cut: "Turn To Me" has been cut by Zoe Matthews

News - Cut: "A Christmas Kiss" , cut by Perry Danos, is on iTunes on "Cool 'N' Yule - The Christmas Album"

News: "Just Being Me" is a Top 10 Finalist (out of several thousand) in the MTV/CMT NSAI Contest

News: "Insatiable" has been signed with Next Number One Music and Sherrill Blackman in Nashville.

News: "Get me To The Weekend" has been signed by My Three Kids Music

News: "Shadow Dancer" has been signed with Next Number One Music 

News - Cut: "Happily Ever Over" and "Get Me To The Weekend" have have been cut by up and coming artist Danielle Dease and is available on iTunes and F.Y.E. Record Stores

News: "A Christmas To Remember" has won Grand Prize in the International Christmas Song Contest.

News: "Turn To Me" and "Shut Up and Sing" have won prizes in the Unisong International Song Contest.

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